Take Back Your Health and Lose Weight While You’re At It… In Just 20 days Or Less!



Introducing Conscious Living with your personal health coach, Mar’Lyn: The New Body Nutrition 20 Day Cleanse and Total Body Detox System!

What if I told you that you can shed up to 20 pounds of unwanted waste, toxins and body fat in less than 3 weeks… without having to spend countless hours in the gym, wearing sweat suits and drinking protein shakes or dishing out hundreds of dollars on prepackaged diet meals and vitamins.

Would you believe me?

Well, it’s true and I have my story and the before and after pictures to show it. Not to mention the countless others who have experienced the total body detox system and looked and felt better than they have in years.

And this is completely possible for you too!

Do you suffer from any of the following?

  • Excess weight… even if it’s those last 10 pounds you have been unable to shed
  • Fatigue… you seem to be tired more often than not
  • Lack of mental focus… you have been more forgetful and have trouble completing tasks
  • Food cravings… particularly foods that aren’t healthy
  • PMS… moodiness, irritability, pain, difficulty concentrating and fatigue
  • Skin conditions… rashes, flare ups and breakouts
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Reproductive issues
  • Depression, chronic sadness or lack of motivation

If you answered yes to any of the symptoms above, this program is for YOU!

The New Body Nutrition 20 Day Cleanse and Total Body Detox System!

It is the most thorough detox system out there. The transformation that will take place over
those 20 days will completely revolutionize your life.

Imagine for a moment…

Looking in the mirror and not only liking what you see but loving it. Your skin is clear and aglow, your hair is healthy and shiny and your body is lighter and more toned. You feel exceptionally well as your thoughts flow freely, your memory is on point and you have complete focus on the tasks at hand. You’ve begun to notice that your mood is good, your mind is free from distractions, and you’re less stressed and more present and productive. You have the energy now to prosper in your career, enjoy your family and accomplish your goals.

Things are great.

That was my dream a few years ago and now it’s my reality. Let me share my story and tell you
why I fully believe it can become your reality too!

In 2008 my heart device malfunctioned giving me 7 powerful shocks to my heart. These shocks are
intended to bring back some one who’s on the cliff of death. I was, however, on the treadmill.

I was rushed to the hospital and it was determined that I didn’t have a heart attack. My device
had malfunctioned.


Yes, I was relieved that my heart was still functioning normally. However, I was not expecting the
fear and anxiety that followed (or the weight gain).

I was nervous all the time, anxious and unable to sleep. I was tortured by fear. Loud and abrupt noise startled me. I was irritable. I couldn’t concentrate or focus on anything. I couldn’t even tolerate my children laughing and making noise.

Still struggling with this, I soon gave birth to my 8th child (yes, my 8th) and returned to work just 5 weeks later. I immediately interviewed for a higher level position, which was in an area that I didn’t have any experience in.

I landed the position!

A win… right?

Well, I was excited to get the promotion but the stress level (along with my dress size) continued to rise rapidly…

The pivotal point came on a typical day where I had just come home from work; the children were running around being children. I was trying to get dinner on the table and help the others with homework and it seemed that a feeling came over me. I felt paralyzed standing there in the kitchen
hardly able to function. It was at that moment, I felt the nervous breakdown rising in my system. I thought about all I had been through; I thought about how unhappy I was with my body and health and I thought about how overwhelmed and stressed out I felt.

But…I had a choice.

I could drop the glass I was holding in my hand, embrace the breakdown, give up and live out the rest of my life in some mental institution. Or, I could choose to take responsibility for my health, wellbeing and my body and regain control over my life.

I chose to take control.

I knew I had to start with my body so I consulted with a co-worker who had gone through what seemed to be a body metamorphosis. She had lost quite a bit of weight and appeared happier and healthier. She shared that she had just completed a juice fast and a body detox, which intrigued me so I immediately began my own research of juice cleansing, fasting and detox  programs. After doing the research, I know; this was exactly what I needed. Once I realized thiswas the answer to a better life for me and my family, I felt so relieved.

I gathered the information I needed to begin and I committed myself to a 20 Day cleanse. The very first day I was settled, calm and at ease. As I continued on, I felt even stronger. I was amazed at the clarity and peace I gained each day of the cleanse.

During my total body detox system I had the time and space to reflect on my life.

This cleanse was about ME

I had to reconnect with myself – because the essence of my core being had been neglected, shuffled
and stuffed beneath my life circumstances.

After 20 days of cleansing and healing… I EMERGED!

I was 15 pounds lighter. I had a profound sense of clarity. I no longer felt trapped. I felt ALIVE! I enjoyed my family. I was calm and walked centered in peace.

You can feel this way too.

With this program, your body is transformed down to the cellular level. Your organs, blood, nails,
skin and hair are healthy and more vibrant than ever before. You feel revitalized, recharged and energized, with the inner strength and motivation to get things done. Your most powerful self will emerge and you’ll be on the journey to actually living the life you really want; the life of your dreams.

Here’s how you can benefit from my Total Body Detox System:

  • Lose 10-20 pounds of unwanted waste, toxins and fat
  • Gain mental clarity
  • Release excess fluids – no more bloated feeling or look
  • Overcome powerful food cravings
  • Rid your body of parasites and toxins
  • Receive personalized meal planning and recipe ideas
  • Tips and exercises designed to help you tap into your own unique power
  • Have my complete one on one coaching and support

You might be asking – can all of this happen in just 20 days?
My answer is an astounding YES! Am I promising that in 20 days you will have your dream body and dream life? No. But, you will lose some weight. You will have the motivation and the power to go after whatever you desire. You will have the stamina and the strength to endure the journey to reach your desires. You will begin to open doors that had seemingly been closed for so long. You will reconnect with your body and begin to truly love yourself and pay more
attention to your own needs. And once you love yourself more, you will now be in the position to
truly love your family and friends more.
A Better Life…

Through this journey, I have removed several blocks that had been keeping me living a mediocre life. For so many years I had operated on auto pilot, much like a robot. I went to work, came home and cared for my family. I did the laundry, prepared meals, paid the bills, took the children to doctor appointments, oversaw homework, and believe me – the list goes on and on. I rarely took time for myself (mommy guilt) and had little interests and hobbies. I neglected to truly care for myself. For all those years, I had put myself last.

I literally had to STOP and CARE for myself.
Are you ready to do that too – stop and take care of yourself? Good because it’s time to makeover
your life by beginning your journey with my 20 Day Cleanse and Total Body Detox System.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 6 Pack Herbal Formulas that cleanses and detoxifies: the upper and lower digestive tract
    where many illnesses begin, the glands, kidney, lever, bladder, colon, and the blood. This helps to
    reduce obesity, aid in digestion, prevent and dissolve kidney stones, help reduce the risk of
    thyroid dysfunction, help fight cancer causing ‘free radicals’ and reduce water retention in your
    body and joints.

As you can see, this product comes with a ton of life saving benefits on its own. However, I am not
going to leave you to do this alone. I will come alongside you and support you all the way.
Included with your 20 Day Cleanse Purchase is:

Included with your 20 Day Cleanse Purchase is:

  • Assessment: We will determine where you are, what your motivation is for starting the
    cleanse and what your goals are.
  • 20 Days of UNLIMITED Email Support: Daily emails to inspire and encourage you throughout your
    cleanse. Send me your questions and concerns and together, we’ll explore the solutions. Common
    themes include perceived fear, weaknesses, what to eat, body images, life situations, etc.
  • Daily Tips: How you to have a successful and enjoyable cleanse; including recipe ideas and easy
    to understand health and nutrition information, facts and tips. These recipes even aid in your
    weight loss efforts by increasing your metabolism and aiding in digestion.
  • Renewal Exercises: I’ve designed several coaching exercises intended to get you to reconnect with
    your inner self. These exercises are helpful during the cleanse because we’ll be working on the total body. As you clear toxins from your physical being, you’ll also be clearing toxic thoughts and limiting beliefs as well.
  • Video Support: I’ll show you how to make easy and tasty fresh fruit, veggie smoothies and fresh
    juices. You’ll also learn how to make simple cleanse friendly meals that you will enjoy.
  • Success Strategies: I’ll share with you what to expect while on the cleanse and give you the
    exact strategies on how to overcome cravings, social gatherings and the emotional side of
  • Private Facebook Group: Get support from the other members and myself. Gain motivation from
    others who have gone through the cleanse or who may be in the program with you.

As you can see, unlike many programs where you simply buy the product and then you’re on your own or simply added to some FB group; this program provides you all the support you’ll need to complete your cleanse successfully.

Now, you might be wondering – how much is this going to cost me.

However, an even more important question is… what is it costing you to continue living the way you’ve been livingless quality time with family because of stress, decreased productivity due to lack of energy and motivation, more aches and pains because of excess weight or making limited progress towards your goals. Either way, your quality of life is being affected!

That, of course, is the greater cost.

However, you can make the decision to end this today. And the investment is only $197. So, to summarize, this entire program with the 6 pack herbal formula and all the intensive individual support is being offered at this low introductory rate.

Your results are less than a month away!


“The 20 day cleanse and total body detox program worked wonders for my body and my spirit. I was able to shed 14 pounds in less than 3 weeks and I never really felt hungry. I had been trying for 2 years to lose 10 pounds and the weight wouldn’t budge but with this program, I’ve lost that and more. But that’s only part of it. I feel great and energized (without the usual pick me up – caffeine); my skin, hair and nails look radiant according to my husband and I wake feeling rested now. I also found myself deepening my spiritual relationship with God. I am so glad I invested in myself with this program. I was nervous about the whole juicing thing because I never thought I could give up carbs (like bread, sweets, pasta and rice) or my coffee BUT I did. And working with Mar’Lyn made it so much more doable. She provided me with recipes, grocery lists and prepped me for what to expect but most important of all, she coached me and supported me throughout the entire process. That was simply priceless! I would recommend the 20 Day Cleanse and Total Body Detox Program to anyone looking to uplevel their life and shed a few pounds in the process.”


Shanshera Quinn, Founder & CEO of Quinn’s Copy

Only $197 for the entire program!

Make sure you don’t miss out. Because of the great value and support you receive with the program,
this price won’t last long.
(Invest Now)

Let’s begin this journey to a healthier you.

p.s. In less than 3 weeks, not only will you be healthier but you’ll weigh less, you’ll feel better and you’ll be less stressed too.